Rancho Charanda

From Our Family's Farm To Your Family's Table

Our motto: "If we would not serve it to our family... we would definitely not sell it to our customers"

What a find! I was recently in Mexico City and had the Limones Cocadas. They are now one of my favorite sweets. Using mini oranges is such a creative twist and one I'm excited to try!

The ordering process was very easy and fast. There was a confirmation email of the order and another one the next day with a tracking number. And the box arrived the day after that! Impressive, given it's the week before Christmas!

This beautiful box will definitely delight any Frida fans, foodies and anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth!

Thank you Rancho Charanda!

Colleen Yang
Frida Herself Would LOVE It!

This is my second year of ordering these miniature navel oranges. I generally prefer tangerines over oranges because I'm so used to store bought oranges that I'd forgotten that oranges are supposed to be sweet and juicy, too. Last year and the first box this year I ordered for my parents and they reported both times the fruit was sweet and juicy. This year I ordered a box for coworkers as well, setting aside a couple for myself before taking the box around to distribute the. After eating those I'd reserved for myself, I wondered if I should have been selfish and kept them all for me. Ah, well, too late for that. I just ordered another box. :) Sure, they're 2-3 times the price of those in the store - but for the taste - they're that much better, and worth every cent.

Geoffrey Thomas
Sweet and Juicy!

Received today! thank you for going the extra miles and it was great to talk with you. The order arrived today, Hurray! the oranges and Fuertes...mama mia! so delicious..thank you for straightening out the shipment question that I had and ensuring that the delivery would be taken care of right away...2 days later--it arrived. Much much continued success but mostly it is a delight to be able to thank you /your team for raising and delivering the most delicious produce I've had (since my last order!). best regards

Miriam Adams
Bravo! to Rancho Charanda- and Pablo!!

Our family ranch is nestled in the east valley of Redlands, California known as Crafton Hills. Charanda derives from the Tarascan dialect of central Mexico and translates to "red soil", which is our clay soil.

The unique micro-climate and rich clay soil fed by pure mountain water are the main ingredients that make our citrus so sweet and juicy. All our fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown organically and sustainably and are all non GMO.

Our definition of organic... no pesticides, no fungicides, no herbicides and no chemical fertilizers. We mulch to retain moisture, to curtail uninvited weeds and to protect the soil that mother nature so happily gave to us:) We also plant companion plants to attract beneficial insects. Our water is rainwater that is piped in from Big Bear lake located in the local mountains near the farm.

All shipping materials/ packaging are corn-free and petroleum-free. If you have special needs or requests feel free to email us at sales@ranchocharanda.com